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Lubricants Warming

Adds a little spice to your lovemaking. Warming lubricants are sex lubes that create a

warming effect because of the special ingredients they are made of. Apply and feel the

warming sensation begin. Breathing on or bodily contacts ignites the flame burning in you. They come in: edible, flavored, or original.

Elbow Grease Hot Gel is a thick Long-lasting lubricant. Provides a warming sensation, which enhances your sensual experience. The warming agent in the formula is menthol, which awakens sensations you didn't know you had!

2.5 oz

Hot Pink Warming Lubricant is a exothermic lubricant that will heat up the bedroom or any other place you can dream up. This slick, non-drying formula is silicone free and glycerin free. Hot Pink Warming Lubricant is unlimited in use. It can ignite foreplay. Use as a calm and soothing sensual massage, tingle every part of the body. The multi-purpose ingredients make it fun, easy to clean and safe for all toys and accessories. Add a little heat to your romance with Hot Pink Warming Lubricant.

1.7 oz

JO Premium Warming Personal Lubricant is made especially for Women! Enhance your new sense of pleasure with this silky, smooth, non-sticky or tacky lubricant. It is long lasting, fragrance free, and latex safe. JO Premium Warming Personal Lubricant can be sued as a skin conditioner, moisturizer and therapeutic massge formula for daily uses.

4.5 oz

Liquid Sex Warming Sensations is non-staining, personal lubricant. Provides lasting-smooth lubrication. Gently warms the skin for a soothing massage or for more intense sexual pleasure. Slip resistant, hand-grip bottle. Made in the USA.

4 fl oz

Warming Lube is a water-based formulation with Aloe Vera, Ginseng and Cinnamon Flavor. Edible and water-based with incredible lubricity.

4 fl oz

Wet Comfort Warming Personal Lubricant is a great libricant for beginners or those who perfer a gentler formula. PH Balanced to ensure a silky-smooth glide without irritation, along with a stimulating warming sensation that adds a fun twist to erotic play. Easy to open flip top cap. Lacks explicit images in order to appeal to even the most modest tastes. The water based formula can be used with any adul toy material. Will not stain sheets or furniture. Washes away easily with warm water.

4 fl oz

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