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Dildos and Dongs

A dildo or dong may resemble a penis in shape, size and overlal appearance. Others may not have the traditional look of a penis. These devices are often used by people of all genders and sexual orientation, for masturbation or for other sexual activity with your partner. Dildos and dongs are increasingly popular, in large part due to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases from other people.

That's're eyes aren't deceiving you. This Realistic Cock is hand detailed to capture every vein, bulge and crease of a real erect Porn star's cock. Suction cup base for hands free masturbation. Bulging head and thickly veined shaft exquisitely scultped for your utmost enjoyment. Perfectly suited for vaginal or anal play.

Mother Nature herself could not have dreamed up a more perfect creation for your erotic fantasies. Soft flesh colored rubber. Contain Doc Johnson's Anti-Bacterial Sil-A-Gel Formula.

This porn star dildo will drive you wild with it's revolutionary state-of-the-art skin stimulating material and accentuated life like features. No bedtime romp could ever be complete without the pleasures of this inspirational 6" long and 1.75" thick penis replica.

Choose from White (flesh), Black or Mulatto

Guaranteed to satisfy in more way than one, the impossibly realistic Amazing Squirting Realistic Cock, aside from its ridiculously detailed shape, thick, filling size and hands-free suction base, boasts a unique squirting feature that creates an excitingly perfect finish to playtime.

At the tip, the Amazing is subtly tapered, helping the head glide inside smoothly, an extra thick shaft with raised veins and an incredibly lifelike texture add miles to the man-fantasy. To activate the squirt effect, simply fill an included syringe with the also included Splooge Juice hybrid glide (or other chosen fluid), and attach it to a length of tubing exiting the dildos base. When you're ready for the Amazing to let loose, just squeeze to release a splash out through the tip.

This signature Doc Johnson piece is comprised of a safe, phthalate free, non-toxic PVC material that flexes and bends while remaining extra firm and fulfilling, right down to those thick, squeezable balls. Providing an ultra precise grip ideal for exact maneuvers, the big balls also make this dildo safe for ultra deep, worry-free penetration. Perfectly hygienic and very easy to clean, use simple soap and water after use, or spray down thoroughly with antibacterial toy cleaner. A good water based lube should be enjoyed with the Amazing Squirting Cock. Storage bag, Splooge Juice sample and syringe applicator included.


Length: 7.75"

Insertable Length: 5.5"

Girth: 6" at largest point

Width: 2" at largest point

Materials: PVC

Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Suction Base, Textured Surface

Now you can have john Holmes in your bedroom with this UR3 - 12" cock. Go ahead and enjoy.

Suction cup base for play anyway you like.

Each vein, curve, and bulge has been perfectly re-created in UR3. Doc Johnson's newest synthetic flesh! Ultra realistic 3.0 is the most advanced flesh ever created for the adult toy industry! The John Holmes ultra realistic cock from Doc Johnson. The only cock molded from the legend John Holmes himself.

A must-have for the true size connoisseur who wants a true-to-life experience. CyberSkin material creates intensely real sensations. Feels like real skin, soft and supple.

Phthalate and latex free

12" x 3" x 2.5"

By Penthouse

Eighteen inches of Jellies takes a big appetite!!! But if you are craving being filled to the rim, this one's for you. Double headed pleasure dong in 9 scrumptious colors.

Flexible, bendable dildo that is big, long and aims to please. No batteries required, just a lot of practice and determination.

Clone-A-Willy's medically-tested molding gel process captures incredible, life-like detail, making this the most personalized sex toy you will ever own.

Use Clone-A-Willy to put the spark back in your long distance relationship, or replicate you lovers penis to double your pleasure and fun. The Clone-A-willy kit makes a great romantic gift for birthdays, holidays, showers, anniversaries and much more!

The Best-Selling Mr. Marcus Cock And Balls From Doc Johnson Now Vibrates. Enjoy The Buzz With Mr. Marcus' Fat Cock And Balls. Takes Two AA Batteries, Sold Separately.

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