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Arousal Gels

A topical gel used during intercourse increases women's sexual satisfaction and pleasure. "Either the subject or the partner gently massages the gel onto

the clitoris prior to the initiation of vaginal intercourse". Causes increased

sensitivity in their genital area.

ON Natural Arousal Oil for Women is specially formulated for women who have had hysterectomies and/or not feeling the same kind of exciting sensations they used to experience in their clitoris and in the genitals, in general. ON Natural Arousal Oil for causes a sensation that is unique and effective, lasts at least 45 minutes, and is fantastic in helping a woman reach her climax.

Apply one to two drops onto the clitoris. Allow up to two minutes for full effect. The charge is explosive, delightful, and most definitely exciting. You will feel a fantastic warming of the genitals and a tingling vibration. If you’ve lost some sensitivity in your genitals due to gynecological procedures, you may want to try ON!

The only thing that comes close to the sensation that this Arousal Oil provides is the newest sex toy that sends a safe, but relatively intense electrical charge through your genitals.

If you’ve tried everything else to get some excitement going, and you’re up for a totally different route to sexual excitement, try ON! You won’t regret it. The best money you've ever spent to boost your sex life!!!!

Increases blood flow for more intense orgasms

Edible Cherry flavored Intimate applicator tip

Special blend of L’Arginine and Vitamin E

0.5 Fl Oz/15 ml

Water-soluble topical gel that contains L-Arginine, which increases clitoral sensitivity as well as frequency of orgasms. .5 fl. oz.

Experience waves of pleasure & delight with this Millionaires sex cream.

When lovingly applied to the desired area.

This is an enriched arousal balm formulated to heighten erogenous sensitivity and enhance sexual response.

This is a sensitizing stimulation cream, rub gently in a circular motion to activate.

Edible, warm and tingly arousal gel. Made of aspecial blend of Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, E & C to enhanceand create fuller looking lips. Cinnamon flavored, water-soluble and rubber compatible.

Orgasm enhancement gel. This amazing product promises to ignite your pleasure, to increase sensitivity, and to ignite passion.

Apply a few drops to finger tip, rub orgasmix to underside of clitoris, continue gentle massaging of clitoris until desired effect is achieved. More gel may be applied to increase sensation.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyechlcellulose N.F., L-Arginine, Menthol, Yohimbe, Ginseng, Methyparaben, Purified Water, CPL#9.

Satisfy desire with sensations you've only dared to imagine. This gently arousing gel, designed exclusively for women, intensify female intimate response and encourage wonderfully renewing sensual enjoyment. Blended from a unique formulation of nature's most proven sexually enhancing herbal stimulants, these gels are designed to deliver optimum results, sending you blissfully to the brink and beyond.

Apply a small amount to the underside of the clitoris and surrounding areas. Massage in gentle circles until increased sensitivity occurs.

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